Rudy X. Desjardins

Cell: +1.705.984.6129

1186 Oriole Crescent
Innisfil, ON
L9S 2B1

A professional Programmer with a passion for his Art.

Focused on creating elegant and efficient software solutions, in environments ranging
from back-end, system-level projects to customer-facing web applications.

In addition to development, years of systems administration experience have provided
me with a very diverse practical skillset, complementing my programming talents, and
making me comfortable with all aspects of maintaining production systems.

  • Core Languages:
    • Python, PHP
    • JavaScript
    • C
    • Java

  • Databases/Etc:
    • (My)SQL, SQLite
    • Memcached, Riak
    • MongoDB

  • Networking:
    • Standards/Protocols: DNS, HTTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP
    • Basic LAN/WAN Routing, Firewalls, NAT, Basic IOS
    • Load Balancing (LVS, etc), Traffic Shaping
    • High-Availability Systems (Heartbeat, Master-Master Replication, etc)

  • Misc:
    • Shell scripting (Bash, Sed, AWK, etc)
    • Apache, Nginx
    • Vim
    • SSH
    • XML (X/HTML, XSL(T)), JSON, etc
    • MVC frameworks (Django, etc)
    • Async job systems and pub/sub messaging (Celery, Gearman, RabbitMQ)
    • UML (Software Modelling)
    • Design Patterns
    • Excellent foundational knowledge of security

  • GIAC-GSEC (expired 2013, not renewing)

Technical Experience
  • VM Farms Inc. (

    Senior Developer
    May 2011 - Present
    • Together with the rest of the development team, responsible for all aspects of design/architecture/implementation of internal software projects.
    • Typical projects are related to either the automation of internal ops processes, or building out customer-facing applications related to various aspects of vm/system/account management.
      • Helped build and bootstrap our core configuration management system, used to manage all aspects of customer system builds/updates.
      • Designed and built customer-facing web interface to the configuration management system (db-driven), responsible for ongoing design/modification/maintenance of current iteration of the system together with rest of development team.
      • Wrote small daemon to interface with our ticketing system (3rd party service), provide monitoring for new/stale customer issues, and send corresponding notifications and action prompts to ops employees internally.

  • Sandbenders Custom Technology

    Operator (Freelance Contractor/Consultant)
    May 2010 - May 2011
    • Various web-centric front- and back-end development projects, as required by clients.
    • Duties include but not limited to design, documentation, implementation, deployment, support/maintenance/etc, and providing guidance to other team members.
    • Relationships range from per-project or 'piecework' jobs, to 'permanent', long-term hourly positions.
    • Current clients include:

  • RevenueWire Inc. (

    Director of Platform Development
    December 2008 - April 2010
    • Responsible for designing, architecting and implementing improvements and additions to the company services, including but not limited to our E-Commerce platform and affiliate marketing network/system.
    • Responsible for overseeing the security, stability and reliability of the entire production system(s).
    • Work on improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the technology department, while remaining within the yearly operating budget and making effective use of departmental resources.

    Sr. Platform Developer
    June 2008 - November 2008
    • Responsible for maintaining and improving the existing E-Commerce platform and affiliate marketing network/system.
    • Responsible for analyzing, making recommendations on, and implementing solutions for monitoring, backup and overall system stability.
    • Work on streamlining and simplifying the overall development process, while paying close attention to best-practices and emerging and existing development trends such as automated unit testing, continuous build/integration, enforcing versioning usage, etc.

  • Inc. (

    Sr. Programmer
    May 2006 - May 2008
    • Responsible for maintenance and ongoing development/modification of our C- and SOAP-based provisioning daemons, which form a large part of the core interaction between our partner's systems and our own internal architecture.
    • Responsible for maintenance and ongoing development/modification of both our Web and Mail system provisioning daemons.
    • Successfully designed and implemented a datastore plugin, to interface an existing Java-based SyncML server from an acquired company, with our own existing data storage systems for customer calendaring, contact, etc. data via our in-house webmail product.

    Manager, Project Administration
    April 2002 - April 2006
    • Migrated groups of customers from legacy systems to our platform, with zero downtime, including web, dns, mail, in groups of up to 25,000 fully hosted domains and up to 500,000 active email accounts per migration.
    • Designed and implemented the entire customer migration process, and all associated custom software tools.
    • Designed, implemented and maintained the hardware architecture supporting migration activities.
    • Designed and launched our company's partner information portal site.
    • Managed a team of 4-5 System Administrators locally, plus an additional group of 5-8 remotely in our Ukraine office, whose main task is planning and executing the migration process in conjunction with the partners/customers who are migrating.